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Not On Your Love 2 chords - Jeff Carson

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Hi, just wanted to send in a correction to this song as it's posted now.  
As for the D* just simply play the first string open and the Bm/c# I'm 
adding the c# bass note, Thanks...  Wren Chandlee
Not on Your Love
Jeff Carson
capo 4th fret
Intro:  D*   Bm   F#m  G   A
 D*                        Bm                 F#m
   We both said some things   we don't really mean
     G             A        D*
Sometimes love can be like that
                       Bm                     F#m
But right now they hurt,    but they're only words
         G          A          Bm
They're nothing we can't take back
but every time we don't see eye to eye
     Em     F#m           G    A
You worry I might say goodbye
             G                A
not on your love not in this life
              F#m                    Bm
Could I ever leave I wouldn't think twice
               C                     G
Of letting you go by now you should know
                A   BmÊÊÊÊ
I need you too much
Bm/c#        G                   A
Not on your love no way in this world
             F#m               Bm
Could I ever live without you girl
                Em       F#m        G
When times get tough I'm not givin' up
A                 D* Bm  F#m  G  A
Not on your  love
second verse, chorus, then end here
  G  F#m
                Em       F#m        G    A           D* Bm F#m  G   A   D*
When times get tough I'm not givin' up, not on your love             Retard......

Second Verse
D*                    Bm           F#m
   When we started out   we made a vow
         G            A           D*
Not to sleep till we settled the fight
                     Bm                     F#m
And there have been times we've seen the sunrise
        G             A     Bm
But it always worked out alright
even in the darkest hour before dawn
   Em               F#m    G    A
I never thought of movin' on

(repeat chorus)

Jeff Carson ChordsJeff Carson Lyrics

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