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Lady Pilot chords - Neko Case

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Neko Case Sheet music
                Capo 1st fret

D       : x x 0 2 3 2
D7      : x x 0 2 1 2
D6      : x x 0 2 0 2
Dsus2+5 : x x 0 3 3 0


D    D7    D6    Dsus2+5    D

D                 D7           D6
Stars can't fight city lights
        Dsus2+5               D
They've turned their backs on us
     Dsus2+5                       D
It's true today, I saw it from the plane
Dsus2+5                        D
Aeroplanes were never built to fly

D    D7    D6    Dsus2+5    D
Down down... (x5)

D          D7     D6    Dsus2+5
Don't look down, 
don't look now

Dsus2+5                            D
Crosshairs of our shadow trace the dam
Dsus2+5                             D
Told that there were people trapped alive
Dsus2+5 D               Dsus2+5      D
Boulder City looks like coals in the fire

D                  D7           D6    
Cabin's perched by satellites
    Dsus2+5         D
And now it's flying down
      D          D7        D6 
We've got a lady pilot
      Dsus2+5       D
She's not afraid to die

Dsus2+5                            D
It's true today, I saw it from the plane
      Dsus2+5                        D
We've almost finished reeling in the sky
Dsus2+5        D               Dsus2+5         D
Power lines          once laced the heavens
Dsus2+5  D             Dsus2+5      D
Pima County looks like coals in the fire...

Neko Case ChordsNeko Case Lyrics

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