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She Aint Goin Nowhere chords - Guy Clark

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She Aint Goin Nowhere Sheet music
She ain't goin nowhere  
Guy Clark

D                G          D(5) G/d(3) D           
Standing on the gone side of le--av--ing
     Em                  A               D
She found her thumb and stuck it in the breeze
                            G           D(5) G/d(3) D
She'll take anything thats going close to so--me--where
         A                                  D 
She can lay it down and live it like she'd please

Bm             G       A           D
She ain't goin nowhere she's just leaving
Bm             G       A          D     G  G/F#
She ain't goin nowhere she cant bre-athe in
Em             A                  D
She ain't goin home and that's for sure

                           G           D(5) G\d(3) D  
She's not sitting down and crying on her su--it--case
    Em             A               D
She has no second thoughts by the road
                       G        D(5) G/d(3) D  
She's got feelings that need some rep--ai--ring
      A                                  D 
And she did not give a damn that it showed


                       G          D(5) G/d(3) D  
Well the wind had its way with her h---ai---r
        Em            A            D
And the blues have a way with her smile 
                G        D(5) G/d(3) D  
And she had a way of her o----w-----n
      A                          D  
Like prisoners have a way with a file

    Em             A                  D
And she ain't goin' home and that's for sure

    D(5)            G/d(3)
e----5-----     e----3-----                                                   
B----7-----     B----3-----                                               
G----7-----     G----4-----                                             
D----0-----     D----0-----                                                  
A----------     A----------                                                 
E----------     E----------       

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