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Hard Lovin' Woman chords - Mark Collie

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                It Takes a Hard Lovin' Woman To Love A Hard Headed Man
Recorded by: Mark Collie
Submitted by RoC

Note The Chord changes are so quick in this song it was kind of hard to write
them all in the right place, so listen for timing.

Intro (2x) E  A       A    E    B  E

Verse One
(E)Everybody (A)said that (B)bobby was a (A)little hard (E) 

headed(A) (E) (B)

(E)if there every was a (A)book on love, (B)Bobby (A)never 

(E)read it. (A) (E) (B)

(E)Susie was a (A)poor boys dream (B)in a (A)high school (E)

sweeter.(A) (E) (B)

(E)She was ready to (A)run but her (B)daddy wouldn't (E)let 


(C#m)She told mama how she love her man, 

(A)and how daddy didn't under stand.

Why she was crying mama shook here head, 

(B)she took her by the hand and said


It takes a (A)hard lovin' (E)woman (B) (E)

Takes a (A)hard lovin' (E)woman (B) (E)

It takes a (C#m)hard lovin woman (A)to love a (B)hard headed (E)man. (Back to intro)

Verse two
Bobby got a job at the west end filling station. 
He was saving for a diamond ring after graduation.
Susie's dad came by for some gas and water,
he said boy stay away from my daughter.

2nd Pre-Chorus
That night by the light of the moon,
Bobby climbed up to susie's room.
Mama saw her pullin' out of the drive,
she didn't wake up daddy this time.

Back to Chorus
3rd Pre-Chorus
The June Wedding was a big affair.
Daddy if bought a Tux to wear.
The peacher told him as joined there hands
Love when you hurt, laugh when you can, 
keep holdin' on till you understand...

Back to Chorus 

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