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Somethings Gona Change Her chords - Mark Collie

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                Key of E

Intro:  E, C#m, A, B  (play twice)

E                C#m A          B
She walked right out without a word
E                    C#m          A             B
She's living back in Jacksonville, the last I heard
A               B             E     B         C#m
I wonder if she misses me the way I'm missing her.
A                                B
Another man might let it go, but I'm not giving up.

E                         C#m                      A      B
Something's gonna change, something's gonna change her mind
  E                  C#m                A                         B
I don't know what, I don't know how, I know it's just a matter of time.
A                  B        E             B       C#m
She'll wake up and wanna be back in these arms of mine.
   A                            B                     E         C#m A B
Oh something's gonna change, something's gonna change her mind.

E          C#m    A     B
Nights get lonely by myself,
E                 C#m         A           B
but I don't wanna give my love to someone else.
A               B               E        B      C#m
What we had between our hearts means too much to me
A                    B
True love doesn't die that easily.


Something's gonna change her mind, I don't know what.....(rest of

Something's gonna change, something's gonna change her mind (repeat 2x
and fade)

Jason A. Wendtland

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