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Miss Emilie chords - John Conlee

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                    Miss Emilie
I wake up in the morning is a state of frighe

On the wrong side of the bed all night
G                                     D
Waking to the broken heart -  Inside my head
Open my eyes and I move my hand

Arond the pillow to the nightstand
And straighten miss Emilie's picture by my bed

Go to the office to work things up

pour three fingers burbourn in my coffee cup
G                                       D
Cry on my best friend's shoulder - down the hall
I feel so lonely, when I close the door

I bite my nails and I walk the floor
And straighten miss Emilie's picture on my wall
                        G         D                       A         D
Look out my window and what do I see, Nothing but pain looking back at me

All that my future means to me, 
Is tossing yesterday's love out into the wind
And straighten miss Emilie's picture now and then 

I leave my office and I go downtown, to a little bar we all hang around
G                                          D
Laugh -drink beer -shoot pool - and have a ball
When the laughter stops - and the hurting takes hold

I reach in my pocket for my billfold
And show miss Emilies picture to them all

I stagger in the house and I slam the door

Scatter my clothes all over the floor
G                                        D
Wishing I could do the same thing inside my head
I drink a beer and I eat a bite, Just before I turn out the ligh
I straighten miss Emilie's picture by my bed 
                             (REPEAT CHOROUS)

John Conlee ChordsJohn Conlee Lyrics

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