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Old School chords - John Conlee

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This is how I play John Conlee's "Old School"
Slightly different from the original recording.  I think the D2 sounds kinda 
cool..  Enjoy!

Old School as by the great John Conlee
Tabbed by Scott

D2--  000230

(Verse 1)

D                                        D2                                     
I can remember us cruising through town. In your daddy's car with the top 
pulled down, looking so cool
D                                         D2                                  
We came from different sides of the track. But we still held hands out back, 
of the old school
A                                    Bm A                          Bm
We spent all our time together, laughing and having fun.  
A                                      Bm    G                                  
A                 D
We swore that we'd love forever.  Cause that was the way things were done, at 
the old school.

(Verse 2)
We both made it to our graduation.  You chose a college I chose a vocation 
driving eighteen wheels.
I became a part of your past. You went and married some guy in your class, he 
was a big D.
Your picture was in all the papers.  You made such a lovley bride
They said you were going places, but me I just went for a ride, down by the 
old school.

A                            Bm                 A                             
I got married to a sweet young girl, and kept driving for the line.
A                                   Bm                      G                 
Your husband made his mark on the world, then he left you behind.  
D                                          G   
In the big house, with the swimming pool.  
D                                                     G
Now you drive your kids, down to the old school.

(Verse 3)
Now here we are at the reunion of the class.  You ask my wife if we could 
have one dance, for the old times.
We slow danced across the old gym floor.  You whispered it could be just like 
before, call me sometime.
You asked if I understand you.  "Well, yes I afraid I do".  You say 
"everybody does it".  I don't care if they do.

D                                 D2 D      
I'm from the old school.
D                                 D2 D
I'm from the old school.
D                                 D2 D
Where hearts stay true.
D                                 D2 D
I'm from the old school.
D2                                D
I thought you were too.

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