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Manitoba chords - Tom Connors

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Manitoba Sheet music

When you [A]mention Manitoba, I'll be [D]mindful of the prairies,
To the [A]province where the old Red River [E]flows,
It's the [A]land of shining water, where the [D]beaver and the otter,
Play to[A]gether where the [E7]Prairie Crocus [A]grows.

Mani[D]toba, you're my [A]sunshine,
My [D]twilight, and re[A]pose,
Mani[D]toba, you're my [A]heaven,
Be[D]cause it's [A]heaven where the [E7]Prairie Crocus [A]grows.

When you mention Manitoba, I'll be [D]mindful of her beauty,
In the [A]evening when the sunset fades a[E]way,
And the [A]moon of golden glimmer, on the [D]wheat field seems to shimmer,
And the [A]night bird sings the [E7]closing of the [A]day.


When you mention Manitoba, I'll be [D]mindful of the valleys,
And the [A]old brown hills calling me a[E]way,
Where the [A]favours of our giver, dwell a[D]mong the lakes and rivers,
>From the [A]U.S. line to the [E7]shores of Hudson [A]Bay.


Submitted by:  Dennis Hiebert



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