Tillsonburg chords - Tom Connors

While a[D]way down in southern On[A7]tario,
I never had a nickel or a [D]dime to show,
A fellow beeped up in an [A7]automobile,
He said, "Ya wanna work in the to[D]bacco fields of...

[G]Tillsonburg (Tillsonburg), [D]Tillsonburg (Tillsonburg),
My [A7]back still aches when I [G]hear that [D]word.

He said, "I=B9ll only give ya seven [A7]bucks a day,
And if you=B9re any good you=B9ll get a [D]raise in pay,
Your bed=B9s already on the [A7]bunkhouse floor,
If it gets a little chilly you can [D]close the door.=B2


I was feelin=B9 in the morning any[A7]thing but fine,
The farmer said, "I=B9m gonna teach you [D]how to 'prime'."
He said, "You gotta don a pair of [A7]oilskin pants,
If you wanna work in the to[D]bacco plants of...


We landed in a field that was [A7]long and wide,
With one old horse and [D]five more guys, I asked him where to find the [A7]cigarette trees, When he said, "Bend over," I was [D]ready to leave... Chorus He said to pick just the [A7]bottom leaves, And don=B9t start crawlin=B9 on your [D]hands and knees, Prime your row 'cause you=B9ll [A7]get no pay, For standin=B9 there pickin=B9 at your [D]nose all day =8Cround... Chorus With a broken back bendin' [A7]over there, I was wet right through to the [D]underwear, And it was stuck to my [A7]skin like glue, >From the nicotine tar and the [D]morning dew of... Chorus Now, the nearest river was [A7]two miles from, The place they were waitin=B9 for the [D]boat to come, When I heard some talk about [A7]makin=B9 the kill, I was down the highway and [D]over the hill from=8A Chorus Now there=B9s one thing you can [A7]always bet, If I never smoke another [D]cigarette, I might get taken in a [A7]lot of deals, But I won=B9t go work in the to[D]bacco fields of... Chorus (repeat last line to fade) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Submitted by: Dennis Hiebert dhiebert@mars.ark.com -----------------------------119721853512832--