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County Colors chords - Graw Cooder

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                County Colors
Cooder Graw

Pattern for the chord transitions:


G                                C
He could have been a quarterback 
     D                G     C  D
on a college football team
G                          C
maybe a movie star signing autographs
      D                  G      C   D
for a bunch of screamin' teens
G                                    C
He leaned on the wrong foot too long
    D                G        C  D
And never caught his balance
           G                       C
Cause in a big game with his body
    D                      G           C  D
His mind couldn't meet the challenge

Now he's got three squares a day
Visits once a week
        G      C                  D
And the county colors to keep him warm
        G    C  D
When he sleeps

His parents did the best they could 
But even that wasn't enough
Cause all of the love and hop in the world
Just couldn't get him off
We used to wahoo beer together
Every now and again
But when I caught him holding my girlfriends hand
I should have know right then

Now he's got three squares a day
Visits once a week
And the county colors to keep him warm
When he sleeps

We caught him gettin drunk and readin the Bible
Just a month or so before
He tried to roll a friend of mine
At a bar just down the road
Well they said they found that poor girls body
Up in a ditch, in the mud
Now he's goin to hell in a county jail
Wonderin' what he's done

Now he's got three squares a day
Visits once a week
And the county colors to keep him warm
When he sleeps
When he sleeps 

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