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My Rifle My Pony And Me chords - Cowboy

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My Rifle, my Pony and me


(Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson in the movie Rio  Bravo)


Transcribed by Petra Lehmann


[C] Purple light in the [F] canyons that's where [C] I long to [F] be
With  my [C] three good [F] companions just my [C] rifle, pony and [F] me


Gonna [C] hang my [F] sombrero on the [C] limb of a [F] tree
Comin' [C]  home sweetheart [F] darling just my [C] rifle, [F] pony and [C] me


With the wind in the [F] willow sings a [C] sweet melo[F]dy


Ridin' [C] to Ama[F]rillo just my [C] rifle, pony and [F]me


No more [C] cows to be [F] ropin' no more [C] strays will I [F] see
Round  the [C] bend she'll be [F] waitin' for my [C] rifle, [F] pony and [C] me
For  my [C] rifle, my [F] pony and [C] me



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