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Storybook chords - Roger Creager

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Words and Music by Roger Creager
From the CD "I Got the Guns"  Creager Music 2000 
Charted by Roger Creager
Submitted by Jerrod Hicks

Intro: G C G C G C G C (Harmonica over chords)
G                              C               G                                      C
Sometimes I sit in my backyard. I kick back and drink Iced tea.
G                                      C              G                              C
I stare all the way to the ocean and I dream of how it would be
G                                 C                        G                                C
If I were a ship captain somewhere or an old fashioned sailor at sea,
G                                            C                                  G                            C
Or a stowed away pirate just down below hiding and praying the law don't find me.
D                                Em        D                                 Em
Maybe I'd sail from Nantucket chasing the great white whale.
C                                 G                                      D                        Em
Oh without a sound, I'd run him aground then I'd bring old Ahab the tail.
              D                       Em
Yeah I'd show old Ahab his tail.
C                                                       D                        G        F#m                   Em
But I'm not a (sailor, outlaw, runaway), I'm just a man stuck here in the promised land.
C           D                   G (Syncopated rhythm)
Living hard and living free.
C                            D             G           F#m                    Em
I'm a dreamer that's what I got, Oh but here goes one last shot and
C              D                                     G(Same Rhythm) ?Intro
I hope someday they're dreaming about me.
Sometimes I dream I'm a cowboy around 1949.
I'd cross the border on horseback with a real close buddy of mine.
I'd know we'd run from trouble but I'm sure its what we'd find.
When you're out of the frying pan into the fire, who cares what you leave behind.
I know fall in love down there and I'd probably end up in jail.
When you fall in love with a rich man's daughter, who's going to go your bail?
Hey I hate them Mexican jails.
Solo: G C G C ?
Verse: this verse is only half of the G C progression?you'll see. (it's shorter)
I'd love to go rafting the waters: riding the mighty Mississip.
I'd float around from town to town causing trouble then I'd give them the slip.
That water could take me back to the days of young Huck Finn.
I'd sleep all day and smoke all night and play tricks on old Jim.
Yeah I think I'd like old Jim.

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