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Town Too Tough To Die 2 chords - Darryl Lee Rush

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                Capo 3

G     D       C             G
I was born in South Central Texas

                D                 G
In a town down along that Coastal Bend

                        D        C        G
Where there's miles and miles of milo and cotton

                  D     G
And that warm Matagorda wind

            Bm                 C          G
And there's acres and acres of black dirt gumbo

      Bm                                C D
And a town that seemed to fall from the sky

      G     C            G              C
Where I was raised, down on the Coastal Plains

        G        D        G
Lives a town too tough to die

G                         D             C           G
Well you know it has some history, like most places do

                   D                   G
Once sacred to the ones that called it home

                      D     C                 G
Some came to till the soil, most to drill for oil

                        D             G
That lay waiting down below that salt dome

        Bm                             C             G
So they raised the wooden derricks and lowered steel pipe

         Bm                             C D
And they stayed until the last well ran dry

      G     C            G            C
Where I was raised, back in the glory days

     G        D        G
Of a town too tough to die

G                   D          C              G
And now it seems so different, after all this time

                   D          G
Or maybe it's just me who has changed

                     D                 C            G
It's the same row of houses, it's that same general store

                   D          G
And that same dead stretch of Main.

          Bm                              C          G
It's that same restless feeling, on those same empty streets

      Bm                    C D
Where you and I, we used to ride

       G                  C       G            C    
It was where we spent our days, before we ran away

       G        D        G

                       D             C
And when everything is changed, that memory remains

     G        D        C  G
Of a town too tough to die

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