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White Trash Paradise chords - Darryl Lee Rush

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Darryl Lee Rush Sheet music
                Darryl Lee Rush - White Trash Paradise

Thanks to rarebreedtx1 for the lyrics..highly appreciated

Capo 2. fret

Intro, verse and instrumental
  G        G/F#     Em       D          C          D   D/F# G        D

         G            G/F#
I want six kids and a double wide,
Em                D
A good wife and a woman on the side,
      C        D   D/F# G    D
In my white trash paradise.

         G                    G/F#
I want a garden with onions, carrots and beans,
      Em                   D 
with a few back issues of Hustler magazine,
       C        D   D/F# G
for my white trash paradise.

         C       C/B           Am7        G
I wanna spend my nights drinkin' Schaefer Light,
      D              G
And smokin' cheap cigarettes.
         C      C/B    Am7    G
I want a water bed to rest my head,
      D               G
And a pitbull for my pet.

        G               G/F#
I wanna set a couch out by the road,
Em                     D
sell skunk weed and call it gold,
       C       D   D/F# G
At my white trash paradise.

Instrumental (same as intro)

         G                  G/F#   
I wanna '69 Chevelle just sittin' on blocks,
      Em               D            
Among 27 pens where I keep my cocks,
      C        D   D/F# G  D
In my white trash paradise.

            G                   G/F#
I wanna say 'Tu Madre' to the neighborhood,
   Em                              D
Ya know it makes 'um mad to see me livin' so good,
      C        D   D/F# G
In my white trash paradise.


        G                       G/F#
I wanna ride wellfare 'till the well runs dry,
Em                  D
Buy everything that Walmart can supply,
      C        D     D/F# G  G/F#  Em
To my white trash paradise
        C        D    G - G/F# - Em - D - C - D - D/F# - G - riff
It's my white trash..paradise


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