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If My Eyes Were Blind chords - David Olney

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                IF MY EYES WERE BLIND

                        David Olney



(Am) If My Eyes Were Blind the (F) darkest night would never hold a (C) mystery

(Am) If My Eyes Were Blind, I’d (F) hold your features fast within my (C) memory

Within my (G) mind, If My Eyes Were (Am) Blind



    Should my voice grow weak, only you could hear the voice inside me

    Should my voice grow weak, but never with the word would I deny thee 

    I would not speak, should my voice grow weak


    Should my mind grow dim and innocent as on the day God made me

    Should my mind grow dim, I’d love you like a child or a baby

    I’d be gentle as a lamb, should my mind grow dim




    When my youth is gone, in my eyes you shall remain a beauty

    When my youth is gone, in my ears I’ll hear you singing sweetly

    The sweetest song, when my youth is gone


    And When my body dies, darlin’ I could never leave you lonely

    My spirit shall arise to comfort and to care for you only

    To sympathize, when my body dies


    When my body dies

    When my youth is gone

    Should my mind grow dim

    Should my voice grow weak

    If My Eyes Go Blind

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