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Illegal Cargo chords - David Olney

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                ILLEGAL CARGO (Words & Music by David Olney)

In the cool early hours before dawn, in one hour I must be gone
C                         G
The airplane is waiting all loaded with Illegal Cargo
    C                           G
And I’ll count the minutes until I return here tomorrow
D                                                G
Keep a light burning for a heart that is yearning for the peace that you alone can bring. 

   C        D                G
Open your eyes Jacinta it’s time we were waking
  C            D              Em
I promise that this is the last run that I will be making
When the landing is made and the payoff is paid
We can begin our new life. 


Now, my father he tilled the soil, and all of his days spent in toil

When we laid him away I vowed I would not die a poor man

I got a Gringo named Hartley to teach me to fly his airplane

Together we smuggled Illegal Cargo ‘cross the border to the U.S. of A.

Hartley’s in jail leaving his airplane behind

Now I alone fly through the mountains where their radar is blind

Then I touch down in a West Texas town

And the final connection is made.


Some fly for the danger that is there, some fly ‘cause they just do not care

I fly for the dollars the rich Yankee Gringos will pay me

To start a new life with my young wife, Jacinta beside me

If the law must be broken it’s the way I have chosen its’ simply a risk I must take

You call me a fool, you call me a smuggler and worse

Call me what you will as long as you open your purse

For the sweet smelling weed you all seem to need

Or the cocaine if you can afford it.  

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