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Calling For You chords - Iris Dement

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Iris Dement Sheet music
Album: My Life 1994
Written and Performed by Iris DeMent

Capo 4th fret

Calling for You

G G/F# Em 

C      G            G/F#     Em
Well I woke up this morning without you,
C                      D
Don't ask me how but I got through.
    G             G/F#           Em
The floor of this room I've been pacing,
          C                               D
Trying to drown out the sound my heart is making;
                 G     G/F# Em C
It's calling for you.

Oh we said it looks like we won't make it;
You hurt me, I hurt you, and we can't take it.
So we fixed it we thought just by leaving,
But the heart is too wise for deceiving.
                 G   G/F# Em D G G/F# Em D
It's calling for you, oh, oh,  oh,    oh.

C                         Bm
You've had enough, I know I've had enough,
       C                           D
And we don't know what else now to do.
         C                          Bm
We could both walk away but there's too much at stake
         C                    D
You love me and I know I love you.

I walked over and I opened the curtain;
It's pouring down rain and man I'm hurtin'.
Well the phone on the table is ringing
And I knew before I heard you speaking,
You were calling for me, oh, oh, oh, oh.


Oh I woke up this morning without you,
Don't ask me how but I got through.
The floor of this room I was pacing,
Trying to drown out the sound my heart was making;
                    G G/F#
It was calling for you.
C           G  G/F# Em 
Calling for you,
C           G   G/F# Em  D   G  C G
Calling for you, oh, oh, oh, oh.



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