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Trouble chords - Iris Dement

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Iris Dement Sheet music
                (Capo on 4)

Intro.:  (G7)

I went to (G7)church on Sunday, I swung my chariot low
Reached up to kiss the deacon, he said "You'd better go"
(C7)Trouble, I'm in trouble with (G7)him
Oh, (C7)trouble's where I'm going, (D7)trouble's the only place I've ever (G7)been

Let's (G7)buy a watermelon, let's swallow all the seeds
Forget what Mama told us, do everything we please
(C7)Trouble, you get trouble a-(G7)gain
Oh, (C7)trouble's where we're going,(D7)trouble's the only place we've ever (G7)been

Let's (G7)pour a little whiskey, drink a little gin
Listen to Merle Haggard like he's loving me again
(C7)Trouble, I'm even in trouble with (G7)him
Oh, (C7)trouble's where I'm going, (D7)trouble's the only place I've ever (G7)been

Solo:  |(G7) |(G7) |(G7) |(G7) |(C7) |(C7) |(G7) |(G7) |(G7) |(C7) |(D7) |(G7) |(G7)

I'll (G7)paint your toenails baby, you paint my toenails too
We'll take a walk down Main Street and watch what people do
Get (C7)trouble, let's get in trouble with (G7)them
The (C7)trouble's where we're going, the (D7)trouble's the only place we've ever (G7)been

Solo:  |(G7) |(G7) |(G7) |(G7) |(C7) |(C7) |(G7) |(G7) |(G7) |(C7) |(D7) |(G7) |(G7)

There's (G7)people building prisons for people like you and me
Some people just can't stand people like us being free
(C7)Trouble, hey, what's trouble with (G7)them
Oh, (C7)trouble's where we're heading, (D7)trouble's the only place we've ever (G7)been

(G7)Sooner or later, darling, everybody's gotta go
Let's you and me leave early, get a seat on the first row
Get (C7)trouble, trouble a-(G7)gain
(C7)Trouble's where we're going, (D7)trouble's the only place we've ever (G7)been

Repeat Solo times to end

Iris Dement ChordsIris Dement Lyrics

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