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Dull Edge Of The Blade chords - Derailers

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Derailers Sheet music
                Derailers - Dull Edge Of The Blade

Capo 1

Intro  D G D G Bm A

D           Bm           D             G
Do you remember, all the good times we had? 
Bm                  A       G                D  A
Think of those days daring, forget about the bad 
D        Bm    D                    G
It was a time, we had everything it seems, 
Bm                  A                 G              D A
I'm missing you and wishin', I hadn't treated you so mean 

    G               A              D          G
I'm tossing and I'm turning in the bed that I made, 
    Bm                              G                D     G
And loneliness is cutting me with a dull edge of the blade, 
         Bm        A      D     G
With the dull edge of the blade 

I'm still breathing, I still walk and eat some too. 
Honey I'm not bleeding, but my heart is black and blue 
Minutes pass by like hours and last night eternity, 
I'm hoping that someday, you'll find your way back t' me 


I'm still breathing, I still walk and eat some too. 
Honey I'm not bleeding, but my heart is black and blue


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