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Tarnished Love chords - Derailers

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Derailers Sheet music
                [E] We have a [A] love that is [E] tarnished 

[E] I know that you have [B7] cheated, 
it's [E] true that you have [A] lied 
[A] You've answered calls from [E] strangers, 
[E] and pushed our love [B7] aside 
[E] But I'll ignore what I [B7] don't see, 
[E] sometimes it's best that [A] way 
[A] ignorance gives [E] tarnished love, [B7] another chance to [E] play [A] 
    [E] We have a [A] love that is [E] tarnished, 
    [E] it doesn't shine like it shone when it was [B7] new 
    [E] I know that [A] vows can be [E] broken, 
    [E] I'm sure of this 'cause I've made mistakes [B7] too 
    [E] Love is seldom [B7] perfect, it [A] often fades [E] away, 
    But, [A] darlin', our [E] tarnished love 
    grows [B7] stronger every [E] day 

repeat chorus 

But, [A] darlin', our [E] tarnished love grows [B7] stronger every [E] day 
[E] We have a [A] love that is [E] tarnished 

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