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Juniors In Love chords - Joe Diffie

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Joe Diffie Sheet music
                Intro: G G G GG D D D DG G G G GG D D D DG

Verse 1

G                                            D                  G
With a dozen roses in his gun rack, Junior pulled up into her side lot.

G                                                  D                  G
He carried'em up to the front porch, and hollered, Wanda look at what I got.

C                                           G
She was sittin' there watchin' tv, with a drywall hanger named Shorty.

  G                                                      D            C
She pressed her nose to the screen door, and said they smell like WD-40.

Verse 2

G                                     D                  G
He said now don't you be that way, you know how much I love you.

G                                  D                  G
I can't hardly sleep at night, and when I do I dream of you.
C                                                G
And by the way Shorty I thank you, you could of had'em put me in jail son.

G                                             D                    C               
I'm just glad I run out of air hose when I come at you with that nail gun.


D                      G
Oh, Juniors in love, ain't that a good one.

C                      G
He'll track her down and then if she should run.

D                           G            C
He'll bring her home like a deer on the hood son,

           G         C      D      G       C       D       G
Juniors in love.

Verse 3

G                                            D                  G
Wanda walked down the front steps, and said I hate to break up the party.

G                                           D                     G
But I've got to get to work by five, would you run me over there Shorty.

C                                                G
Thats when Junior turned bright red, and said I'm taking her to the diner.

G                                              D               C
And he threw Shorty in the truck bed with a busted nose and a shiner.


D                      G
Oh, Juniors in love, ain't that a hot one.

C                        G
Theres' lots of lovers and Junior he's not one.

D                         G             C
Don't know a kiss from a hug from a shotgun.

Juniors in love.


D                          C
Oh you know theres an oil puddle down by the diner.

D                            C
And it came out of his transmission

D                                       C
Thats where he parks every night and stares thru the window 

D                            C
in a love sick and sorry condition


D                      G
Oh, Juniors in love, ain't that a good one.

C                        G
He'll track her down and then if she should run.

D                         G             C
He'll bring her home like a deer on the hood son,

             G         C      D      G             C     D     G
Juniors in love.                    Oh he's in love

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