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Every Time She Passes By chords - George Ducas

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                Every Time She Passes By
By George Ducas
Written By Michael P. Heeney and George Ducas
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Capo 1

A         D         E        A                      E      A 
She comes strolling down the street (every time she passes by)
A       D          E        A                    E      A
My head spins when our eyes meet (every time she passes by)
A      D    E        A                    E      A
Her perfume fills my head (every time she passes by)
  A       D     E        A                    E      A
I hang on every word she says (every time she passes by)

D            E          A         F#m
This ain't infatuation, mere idle fascination
D                          E                         A  
My love gets stronger everytime everytime she passes by

I get tongue-tied and words don't come (every time she passes by)
I'm working all my courage up (every time she passes by)
I wanna ask her on the town (every time she passes by)
Here's my chance she's coming round here's my chance to make her mine



E               D         A
Look at how she smiles at me 
  E               D           A 
Before too long I know she'll be
    E            D     A          D
The answer to my every dream come true

Look at us we're hand in hand (every time she passes by)
I know I'm a lucky man (every time she passes by)


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