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Alcohol And Pills chords - Fred Eaglesmith

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Alcohol and Pills
Fred Eaglesmith
(the only song I do in F+ACM-minor. you could capo it up.

F+ACM-m                      D
Hank Williams, he came up from Montgomery
            E                                       F+ACM-m
With a heartful of broken country songs
F+ACM-m                           D
Nashville Tennessee didn+IBk-t really understand him
           E                                                F+ACM-m
Cause he did things differently than the way that they were done
                D                                                      F+ACM-m
When he finally made it to the Grand Ol Opry he made it stand still
     E                                     F+ACM-m
He ended up on alcohol and pills

Elvis Presley, he came up from Jackson
With a brand new way of singin+IBk- and a brand new way of dancin+IBk-
And even from the waist up Lord he gave the world a thrill
He ended up on alcohol and pills

            A                         E
            Alcohol and pills, it+IBk-s a cryin+IBk- shame
            You think they might have been happy with the glory and the fame
                   A                                                    E
            But fame doesn+IBk-t take away the pain, it only pays the bills
                           Bm             D               F+ACM-m
            And you wind up on alcohol and pills

Janis Joplin, she was wild and reckless
Then there was Graham Parsons, Lord, and then there was Jimmy Hendrix
The story just goes on and on and I guess it always will
They  ended up on alcohol and pills


Bm                                     F+ACM-m
Sometimes somebody just doesn+IBk-t wake up one day
Bm                                                 E
Sometimes it+IBk-s a heart attack, sometimes they just don+IBk-t say
F+ACM-m                                                               Bm
They pulled poor old Hank Wlliams out of a Cadillac CoupeDeVille
      E                                    F+ACM-m
He ended up on alcohol and pills


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