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Water In The Fuel chords - Fred Eaglesmith

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Fred Eaglesmith Sheet music
G Well, darling, I'm a D coming down old C route number sixty-seven.
I G just got off the D turnpike avoiding the C Ohio state inspection.
G Johnny law followed D me up the road, but then C he turned off and he let me go.
G  guess this old truck ain't D worth shutting C down.
And your G voice last night on the D telephone said you C wouldn't be there when I got home
G So, when I get to Cleveland I'm D going to head back C south.
The G light keeps coming on D , I've got C water in the fuel.
My G brakes are D gone,
I've got a G left front tire D throwing thread. By C tomorrow morning, I could be dead.
G Baby, maybe you were D right all C along.
G You said you couldn't D stay with a C man who was always going away,
G And all you wanted to D do was settle C down.
You G wanted to buy that D little trailer, C out on the edge with the money you saved.
It had a G carport, a D colour TV and no C place to turn around.

Re- Am -member that winter when the lake froze over,
We C drove out there after we'd unloaded,
We G revved that truck and we D spun it 'round and C 'round.
Then we Am left it idling out on that ice,
C Crawled in the sleeper and I held you tight.
G Baby, I'm sure D on thin ice C now.

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