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Sweet Little Duck chords - Kathleen Edwards

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                Intro: c- em- am- fm,  play around with hammering

sweet little duck
i’m waiting for you 
am                                      fm
wearing my heart on my sleeve    (repeat these chords)
and i sleep through most my days
so that time goes by
and i think i drink more now than ever

                    G                                                    fm
cause you got me on your shelf and i just sit here
 G                                                     am
thinking bout how everythings wrong
                 g                                   fm
and you say you dont got any answers 
                g                                                       am
and i’m tired of you not making up  your mind
                g                                            fm
and on tuesday i’ll be back for my things
          g                                            fm
on tuesday i’ll be back for my things

g -am-g-fm, then back to c-em-am-fm for the verse:

oh and sweet little duck
i’m still waiting
wearing my heart on my sleeve
i’m gonna set things right
i got a job down south 
dont you even think about coming after me

repeat chorus

Kathleen Edwards ChordsKathleen Edwards Lyrics

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