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Show You About Leavin' chords by Scotty Emerick

Scotty Emerick Chords

Scotty Emerick
2004, Dreamworks Records
9:05 AM 7/24/2004

Intro:  (Em)  (D)  (C)  (D)  

Here you (Em) are again
Sayin' you don't (D) want me, anymore
Here I (Am) am again
Listenin', to (C) what I've heard before
(Em) There's that empty suitcase
That you (D) throw out on the bed
Over (Am) somethin' I've done wrong
Or (C) somethin' wrong I've said
(Em) This time, I'm gonna (D) show you how it works
So don't (Am) worry about your blouses
Or (C) wrinklin' your shirts

   (G) Oooh,
   I'm gonna (D) show you about leavin'
   (Am) And what you've been tryin' to do
   I'm gonna (C) do for you this evenin'
   (G) Oooh,
   I'm gonna (D) show you about leavin'
   And (Am) how it can be done
   (C) By someone other than (Em) you (D)
   Other than (Am) you (C) 

Now, (Em) what I'm takin' with me
(D) Don't amount to much
Oh, but (Am) sooner the better
Can't get (C) out of here soon enough
(Em) Why are you lookin' at me
Like (D) you're so suprised
Is it (Am) just because it's me
Not you, who's (C) sayin' goodbye

Repeat Chorus

See, (G) leavin's about goin'
And (D) goin's about gone
(Am) Gone's about not comin' back
And (C) I promise you that...

Repeat Chorus


Scotty Emerick ChordsScotty Emerick Lyrics

Scotty Emerick Chords List

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Scotty Emerick

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