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Caught Up (in Your Heart Again) chords - Eric Clark

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Caught Up (In your heart again)


G Em C D x2

G             Em
Ive gotta say your lookin good
C                        C
standing underneath that neon light
G              Em                   C
and I know its been a while now for me 
coming here tonight

G                          Em
but please dont come up to me
C                               D
asking for a dance just for old times
G             Em
cause it took everything 
C                           D
I had to carry on after the last time

G                    Em
And I know Ill break down

Seeing you
C                              D
Standing there in that low cut dress
G                                   Em
and though I wont show it cause you already know
C                         D
Just How Much I Miss Your Kiss
G                           Em
Itll start with buyin you a drink
           C                   D
and Ill be saying lets just be friends
G                    C          Em
and Ill caught up in your heart again

I remember the last time

you made those eyes looking over your glass

it was sippin some cheap old wine

you and me at the lake just a skippin class

you set that bottle down

and you told me not make a sound

and for the very first time

we made love under that texas sky


Dont wanna go down that road again

that leads to nowhere

but seeing you here tonight

Hell I aint got a prayer

** Let chords ring

Cause I know Ill break down

seeing you

^ Standing there in that lowcut dress

and though I wont show cause you already know

Just how much I miss your kiss

*resume strumming

Itll start with buying you a drink 

youll be saying lets just be friends

and Ill get caught up in your heart


G Em C D

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