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How Many Must I Screw ( To Get Over You ) chords - Eric Clark

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Song is Copyright  at 2008 by Eric Clark

------------ Normal Tuning, C F G chord pattern ---------

C               F                 C            F
How many must I screw to get over you

C                     F           C                         G      
you ruined every fond memory when jody started answering my calls

         C                    F       
well you may have stripped my pride
        C                 G
but you forgot to take my balls

C                    F                     C         F
and how many will it take to get out of my place
C                     F               
they already came and cut the power
C                  G 
hell you cant even take a shower
         C                     F               G
and your cousin said that shed love to keep me warm
C                          F       C
so when I get done at this bar
C                        F              
hell I wont even have to crawl that far,
C                         F                 G
and I hope that she gives head, better than you
C                          F            C
so tell me how many must I screw 
to get over you

(talking part)
C                                            F
See I wrote this song for all you people out there
C                                               F
have ever gotten your hearts ripped out of your chest.
C                                 F                               G
she sold your house, or sold your dog, or slept with your mothers fiancee (true story)
C                                               F
and though it didnt always seem to be the right thing
C                                               F
and even though you found some strays along the way
C                                         F
 you may have felt guilty about turining down.

it all made up for it in the end

so join in with me if you know the next verse

C                                    F
By the look in my eye, id say, about twenty

C                  F
but that wont even compare, 
C                       G
to how many you cheated with
C                         F                   C
and I heard about you and my best friend steve
so I paid a w***e with STD's 
to f**k your new boyfriend
so hed give em to you

(more talking ** this part is optional **)  Just keep repeating C and F

oh and I banged 2 of your cousins

your boss,

the girl at the gas station

that bartender that we met when we first went out

and I even tried for your brother

and they all gave head better than you

(end chorus)

C                          F
So tell me how many must I screw
C                              G
My Shrink said he had to do it to 

C                       F     C
tell me how many must I screw
C   F        C F C
To get over you!!! 

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