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Autumn's Not That Cold chords - Skip Ewing

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                Autumn’s Not That Cold
Written by Skip Ewing & Max D. Barnes
Recorded by Skip Ewing

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  | (D) (Dmaj7) | (D7) (G) | (Gm)  | (E) (A)

Back (D)here, (Dmaj7) the leaves (D7) are turnin' on (F#m) (G) me just (Gm)like you
(D)But the change (D/C#) is full of (Bm)color (A) (E/G#) and it's anything (A)but blue
(D) I thought (Dmaj7) that I'd (D7)stop livin' (F#m) (G) without you here (Gm) to hold
(D) But I'm (D/C)just not (Bm)that lonesome (E/A#) (A) and autumn's not that (D)cold

(D) That summer sun (D7)was settin' (F#m) when (G)you set your sights (Gm)to leave
(D) And I (D/C#)braced myself (Bm) believin', (A) (E/G#) it would bring me to (A)my knees
(D)Oh, but (Dmaj7)here it is Oc-(D7)tober, oh, (F#m) (G) the leaves are tunin' (Gm)gold
(D) Each night (D/C) a little (Bm)bluer, (E/A#) (A) but autumn's not that (D)cold (F#m)

(G) I know (F#m) before too (Em) long (A) I'll (G)feel the (F#m)chill that winter (A) brings
(D) (F#m) But by (G) then I'll (F#m) just be (Em)lookin' (D)forward (C) to another (A) spring

(D) I'm almost (Dmaj7)feelin' (D7) (F#m) (G) guilty that the hurts not (Gm)takin' hold
(D) (D/C)Guess I'm just (Bm)not that lonesome (E/A#) (A) and autumn's not that (D)cold

Outro.:  --- (Dmaj7) | (D7) (G) | (Gm) (A) | (D) -----

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