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Dad chords - Skip Ewing

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                Skip Ewing  -  Dad

You don't need all these chords if you are just gonna strum!! :o)
I've added them as the song is picked, and a lot of these chords are just
used in there for added flavour.
You can probably get away with just the normal major/minor chord shapes.

G           =   320003                             Gsus     =   320013

C(add9)     =   x32030                             C        =   x32010

Cmaj7       =   x32000                             D(add9)  =   xx0230

D           =   xx0232                             Dsus     =   xx0233

D/F#        =   200232                             D7       =   xx0212

Bm          =   x24432                             Am       =   x02210

G/B         =   x2000x


G  Gsus  G  Gsus  G  Gsus  G  Gsus 

    G                      C(add9)
I remember we'd leave early in the Carolina rain,
       G                                  C(add9) C  Cmaj7         
And go catching frogs and fishing off the pier.
         D(add9)  D  Dsus
That was back in 67,
D               D/F#        D7      G     Gsus  G  Gsus
Haven't thought about those days in years.

And I must have been a sight to see,
With a dirty face and skinned up knees.
                          C(add9)     C  Cmaj7
Reaching up so I could hold your hand.
I wish I'd said I love you then 
                        D/F#   D7       G   Gsus  G  Gsus
But, I didn't know just how to tell you Dad. 

    G              Gsus             G                 Gsus
I remember going through my teens in tennis shoes and faded jeans, 
G                              C(add9) C  Cmaj7
 Thinking you could never understand. 
         D                Dsus
Wish I'd known what I was missing, 
      D               D/F#   D7     G   Gsus  G  Gsus
When I didn't want to listen to you Dad. 

        Bm          C                 G       Gsus G Gsus G
And the pages of my life just keep on turning,
    Bm             C                  G  Gsus G Gsus G
The way you always told me they would do. 
        Bm              C                   G        Gsus G Gsus G
There's lessons in this life that I'm still learning, 
     Am     G/B   C                D   Dsus  D
Oh I wish I was a little more like you. 

      G                  Gsus
I was just now thinking about you,
So I took this time to write.
G                                  C(add9) C Cmaj7
 Write me back or call me when you can.
D                    Dsus
Things back here are goin' well,
D                        D/F#    D7       G   Gsus  G  Gsus
 There's really not much more to tell you Dad. 
 I just wanted you to know, 
                       D/F# D7   G   Gsus G Gsus G Gsus G Gsus
You're the best friend I've ever had. 

    G                 Gsus         G        Gsus G Gsus G Gsus G Gsus G Gsus (fade)
I remember we'd leave early in the Carolina rain.


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