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Lodi chords - John Fogerty

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John Fogerty Sheet music
INTRO:  Bb F Eb Bb

Bb                       Eb             Bb
Just about a year ago, I set out on the road..
Dm                  Gm7      Eb                   F
seekin' my fame and fortune, lookin' for a pot of gold.
Bb         Dm      Gm7                 Eb                 Bb
Things got bad and things got worse, I guess you know the tune..
Bb        F              Eb   Bb
oh, Lord, stuck in Lodi again.

Bb                                Eb               Bb
I rode in on a Greyhound, I'll be walkin' out if I go.
Dm                 Gm7              Eb              F                                   
I was just passin' through, must be seven months or more.
Bb         Dm       Gm7    Eb                      Bb
Ran out of time and money, looks like they took my friends..
Bb        F              Eb   Bb         
oh, Lord, stuck in Lodi again.

(INTERLUDE:) Bb Eb Bb...Bb F Eb Bb

Bb                         Eb               Bb
The man from the magazine, said I was on my way..
Dm                    Gm7      Eb                  F
somewhere I lost con..nection, ran out of songs to play.
  Bb                  Dm                     Eb                                   
I came into town on a one-night stand, looks like my 
plans fell through..
Bb        F              Eb   Bb            
oh, Lord, stuck in Lodi again.


C                          F               C
If I only had a dollar for every song I've sung.
    Em              Am                 F                G      
And every time I've had to play, while people sat there drunk.
    C                  Am          F               C
You know I'd catch the next train, back to where I live.
C         G              F    C
Oh, Lord, stuck in Lodi again.  

C         G              F    C
Oh, Lord, stuck in Lodi again.   
C F C...C G F C (x2)(Fade.)

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