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Mystic Highway chords - John Fogerty

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John Fogerty Sheet music
Guitar tuned half step down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)
G                 D
Lately I begin to wonder,
Bm         G          D
How's it all gonna end.
G                       D
After all the flash and thunder,
Bm           C          D
Then it’s gone with the wind.

All the stars in the heavens,
They been there to light my way.
Without knowin’ where I’m going,
Probably get there anyway.

Mystic highway that I’m on
C        G                   D
Ooh ooh, take me home
        G                D   
Mystic highway that I ramble
C        G                   D
Ooh ooh, take me home

Db|------------0---     The timing for this tab is inexact.     

This old road has been my lifeline,
My companion and my friend.
Like a rope around the universe,
Ain’t no beginning, ain’t no end.

Out across the constellations,
There’s a place behind the sun.
Everything is connected,
Everything and everyone.



D C G D  Repeat roughly 12 times through solo.
(On Letterman, this was played with in 5th, 3rd, and 10th fret cord positions.
He slides into them a bit, and usually only strikes the highest toned strings)

Break (A capella)
Down by the river on Saturday night,
Everybody waiting for a good time.
Smooth city slickers and loaded dice,
Take your money in a pig's eye.
Rain gonna fall, sun gonna shine,
Ain't no worry in my mind.
Big wheel rollin' cross the sky,
Ain't no worry in my mind.

All the stars that I'm under,
Know the way I feel tonight.
All the miles I've been travellin'
Headin' back to the light.

Mystic highway that I’m on
C        G                   D
Ooh ooh, take me home
Mystic highway that I ramble
C        G                   D
Ooh ooh, take me home
C        G                   D (repeat through to end)
Ooh ooh take me home.

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