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Train To Jackson chords - Jeffrey Foucault

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Jeffrey Foucault Sheet music
Capo II

Dsus2: 200320

Intro: (Am)(G)(Dsus2)(Am)

(Am)Dead before the sun could rise
I (G)stole the silver off my lover’s eyes
(Dsus2)Rolled out on the dark demise
Of midnight’s breaking (Am)day
I was born full grown and raised up wild
(G)All mortal bones and passions piled
(Dsus2)Upon my head the blessed child
The father of the (Am)man

I cut my (G)hair and caught a train to (Am)Jackson
I took a (G)name and found the range
Where my (Am)voice could make no sound
I met a (G)man he told me “Son,
I can (Am)see you’re on the run
If you (G)tell me where you’re going
(Dsus2)I’ll tell you where you’re (Am)bound” (G)(Dsus2)(Am)

(Am)They put me off outside of town
A (G)cold black rain was coming down
I (Dsus2)lay my head on the red clay ground
And slept for a thousand (Am)years
I woke into a fever dream
Where (G)silence talked and money screamed
And (Dsus2)nothing was but only seemed
And nobody seemed to (Am)care

I cut my (G)teeth on the bread of pure tempt(Am)ation
I tried it (G)all and I learned to fall
Like I would (Am)never hit the ground
I met a (G)ghost who looked like me
I asked him, (Am)“Is it plain to see
Or is it (G)hidden?”
(Dsus2)He never made a (Am)sound (G)(Dsus2)(Am)

I was a (Am)lion in a circus ring
A (G)scarecrow dressed up like a king
(Dsus2)Innocent of anything
Like love and going (Am)blind
So I set all my clothes on fire
(G)Sold my soul to any buyer
(Dsus2)Wrapped my heart in concertina wire
And showed it for a (Am)song

I cut and (G)run I ran until I (Am)stumbled
I struck out a(G)lone a rolling stone
Forty (Am)days came up and down
I chased the (G)river to the source
I met a (Am)girl on a pale horse
She (G)pressed her fingers up against my(Dsus2) lips
And I fell down dead and (Am)gone (G)(Dsus2)(Am) 

Jeffrey Foucault ChordsJeffrey Foucault Lyrics

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