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Down To My Last Broken Hear chords - Janie Fricke

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Down To My Last Broken Hear Sheet music

submitted by: Michelle Sherman
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(D)Well I've been (G)down to my last dime
(D)Down to my last dance
(A7)Down to the last time
(D)Down to my last chance
Well (G)I've been down to nothing, left at (D)all a time or two
This (A7)time I think I'm down to something, I can't afford to lose

(D)I think I'm (G)down to my last broken (D)heart
I think I'm falling in (A7)love with you
I'm just afraid to (D)start
But untill I (G)know for sure our love won't fall (D)apart
Cause I think I'm (A7)down to my last broken (D)heart

(D)Well I can (G)feel the spark of love and it's a (D)sweet dream
But (A7)will there be enough (D)to keep on burning
Well I've (G)felt the flame of love before
And I (D)watched it burning out
This (A7)time I wanna know for sure, without a doubt
Repeat cho:

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