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You Dont Know Love chords - Janie Fricke

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You Dont Know Love Sheet music
Album: The Very Best of Janie
Written by: B. Foster\D. King, Jr.

	YOU DON'T KNOW LOVE             Janie Frickie

C#                                           F#
You don't know the meaning of uncontrolled desire
D#m                      G#
You were always hanging just above the fire
C#                                    F#
Now and then you come close enough to just stay warm
And you think that you win cause you never give in
Because you've never been burned  Ah, but you're gonna learn


                     C#                                   F#
That you don't know love     Till it's chilled you to the bone
                  C#                  G#
Turned you inside out  Left you all alone
                C#                                  F#
You don't know love Till you've watched it die and then
                 C#    G#              C#
You have to try again  You don't know love.

 C#                                  F#
Like a child you wander out into the storm
D#m                              G#
You defy the thunder, but the lightning keeps you warm
       C#                    F#
The innocence you show is something I'd like to know
And I'm feeling that I'm finally crossing the line
But I won't be alone - Yes, I've known all along

Repeat Chorus
G#                 C#
No you don't know love.

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