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I'll Do It All Over Again chords - Crystal Gayle

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                Intro notes    


            D             A       G                     A
1.) Was I right?  Was I wrong? A little too weak or a little too strong?
        D           A    G                       A
Was it him?  Was it me?  Oh I guess I'll never know.
            D               A      G                      A
Well you're up then you're down Oh but the world keeps turning around
           D        A        G       A      D
Ain't it hard to find  something to hang on to

D\D means to use a D note as the bass guitar string
D\Db means to replace that D note now with Db
D\B  means to replace Db with B note etc.
        D\D   D\Db          D\B       D\A         G  G\Gb         Bm     A     
But I know         that my heart will mend and I know   that I'll smile again
         D\D   D\Db        D\B       D\A      G          A     D     
I'll get back        on my feet and then I'll do it all over again.
               D             A        G                         A

2.) Some you lose  some you win They say that's the way it's always been
                D            A     G                     A
But you still laugh then you cry  Oh but I guess that's life
         D            A     G                          A            
So you live and you learn  Never looking back at the bridges you burn
          D         A      G                  A    D
And you change  somehow Oh I'm a little bit wiser now

go to chorus, chorus, repeat last line of chorus, Instrumental ending.

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