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Guitar Slinger chords - Vince Gill

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                (Capo on 4)

Intro.:  |(G7) |(C7) |(G7) |(C7)

Well, I'm a (G7)funky low-down easy guitar slinger
Big drinker and honky-tonk and western swinger
When it (C7)comes to love, then I ain't no beginner
I will (G7)drive girls crazy with just one finger

Well my (Bb)daddy said "Son you're just (C7)wastin' time
You're (Bb)never ever gonna make (C7)one single dime"
It (Bb)wasn't hard for me to see all I was ever gonna (C7)be
Was a guitar (G7)slinger (C7) |(G7) |(C7)

Well, I was (G7)living the life of a guitar slinger
Womens and wine and whiskey for dinner
Oh, I (C7)knew I was in trouble the first time I seen her
I went and (G7)married that contemporary Christian singer, yes I did

Well (Bb)now I run for home when it's (C7)closing time
I (Bb)read my Holy Bible and I (C7)walk the mile
(Bb)I can't wait to see what my baby's gonna (C7)do to me
A little guitar (G7)slinger |(C7) |(G7) |(C7)

Inst.:  ||(C7) |(C7) |(C7) |(C7) |(C7) |(C7) |(C7) |(C7) ||
        ||(G7) |(G7) |(G7) |(G7) |(C7) |(C7) |(C7) |(C7) ||
        ||(C7) |(C7) |(C7) |(C7) |(G7) |(C7) |(G7) |(C7)

Well, there's a (G7)few licks left in this guitar slinger
Even though half of my stuff's in the Cumberland River
Well, now (C7)all I really need is just one six stringer
Yeah, I might have (G7)slowed down a little but buddy, I can still bring her.

Hell I'ma (Bb)gonna show her when it's (C7)party time
See (Bb)everybody dancin' and we'll (C7)feel so fine
If (Bb)y'all just show up and shift for me I swear I'll play (C7) for free
I'll be your guitar (G7)slinger, (C7) 
Yeah, I'll be your little (G7) guitar slinger baby (C7)

Outro.:  ||(C7) |(C7) |(C7) |(C7) |(G7) |(G7) |(G7) |(G7) || x times to fade

Vince Gill ChordsVince Gill Lyrics

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