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Tell Me One More Time About Jesus chords - Vince Gill

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                Tell Me One More Time About Jesus
Vince Gill – Featuring Amy Grant

(On Vince Gill's 2 set CD “These Days”)
(Comments Welcomed – Hard Song)

Intro: E-Cm-E-Cm
     E                          B  Cm
Tell me one more time about Jesus
           E                A
All about forgiveness and grace
E                               B
  Tell me one more time about Jesus
                       A    E 
All about my Savior's face

A                               E
Here comes my old friend the preacher
A                            E 
  He's knocking at my front door
A                          E
  He's out tryin' to save all the sinners
F                              B
  He's been here so many times before

A                          E                          
  I love the easy conversation
A                             Cm
  Man that preacher sure can talk
A                        E
  Brings up my need for salvation
       F                               B
Even though he knows I'm stubborn to a fault

 E                Cm         E
Tell me one more time about Jesus
Fm           E
  All about forgiveness and grace
Tell me one more time about Jesus
                     B           A    E  A
Lord I need just a little more faith

I walked by the church Sunday mornin'
A                         E
  Slipped on in the back door
A                         E
  Sure been a long time coming
Fm                             B
  Tell preacher what I need to know

A                                      E
  His words were like a cool drink of water
     A                           Cm    E  A
He said sinners come on down the aisle
So I went runnin' for the alter
F                                               B 
You should have seen my old friend the preacher smile

             E    Cm         Fm
Tell me one more time about Jesus
            B               E     B
All about forgiveness and grace
E           Cm                 Fm
Oh tell me one more time about Jesus
                   B       A    E
I long to see my Savior's face
    A              B        E
I long to see my Savior's face

Outro: Cm-E-C-E-B-E

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