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Favorite State Of Mind chords - Josh Gracin

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                Capo 3

Sometimes, I crave an old-fashioned adventure
Yes, some time away from day to day to get ya
       G                                        A
Needed some kind of break like a hammock in the shade
I've got this spot where it don't get much better
Yeah, it's cold, it gets hot; I don't worry 'bout the weather
   G                      Em7 
My private paradise don't fit the classifieds
  Cadd9                   A
Vacation at my side every day and every night

G                                          Cadd9
Hawaii's got big breaks, Michigan Great Lakes, Colorado snowflakes, Georgia peaches
Am                                    D
Louisiana hot food, New York attitude, Florida beaches
G                                          Cadd9
Tennessee whiskey, baby, are you with me, Texas chili, Virginia pine
     Am                           D 
It's hard to beat that California sunshine
      Cadd9               D                 G
Baby, you're my favorite, favorite state of mind

It feels just like I've died and gone to Heaven
Your lips, your eyes, hell everything gets me revvin'
       G                       Em7
You're fearless and your fun, thirty flavors all in one
Cadd9                         A  
Crazy, happy, laughin' at me, all that and then some


Instrumental Break


My favorite state of mind, yeah.
My favorite state of mind.

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