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I Would Look Good With You chords - Josh Gracin

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                Capo 1

   G                              G7
In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a logical guy
      C                             D
I put two and two together and came up with you and I
        G                     G7
Made an informed decision, my ducks are in a row
         C                                Cm
Well I'm doing all this thinking , well I guess you ought to know
G   Em   C            D         G
Hey baby I would look good with you

I'm a little to short, you're a hair to tall
I can buy a stepladder ain't no trouble at all
With my powers of persuasion and your cheerleader smile
My uncanny way with numbers and your middle-class sttyle
Hey baby, I would look good with you

                   Em    G
'Cause everybody's beautiful
                D       G
If you take the time to see
                 Em   G
Don't have to be sensible
F                              G
Hey baby, just as long as it's me

We can take a cue from Noah and build a really big boat
You could work on your tan while we sail to Rio
Don't matter where we're headed, don't matter what we do
Got a sneaky suspicion and I'm pretty sure it's good
Hey baby I would look good with you



No one believed Columbus when he said the world wasn't flat
Believe me when I tell you right, right here is where it's at
Hey baby I would look good with
Hey baby I would look good with
Hey baby I would look good with you

Josh Gracin ChordsJosh Gracin Lyrics

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