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I Am Strong chords - The Grascals

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The Grascals Sheet music
                Intro.:   | (D)  | (A)  | (G)  | (D)

(A)I am tired (D) and I am weak, (A) sometimes I ask (Bm) why me (G)
But I have faith (D) and I believe (A) that I am strong (G) (D)

(A)I have mom (D) and I have dad, (A) I am hap-(Bm)-py sometimes (A) sad (G)
But I have hope (D) and I have God (A) and I am strong (G) (F#m) (Em) (D)

I (Bm)am strong, (A) I am strong (Bm) (A) (G)
Take (Em)my hand, (D) sing (Bm)my song, (A) I am strong (G) (F#m) (Em) (D)

Inst.:   | (D)  | (A)  | (G) (F#m) (Em) | (D)

I (A)am a child (D) and I have dreams (A) that I'll fight (Bm) for you to see (G)
Know in your heart (D) when you see me (A) that I am strong (G) (F#m) (Em) (D)

I (A)wear a mask, (D) I have no hair, (A) I may be sick, (Bm) I may be scared (G)
But I know (D)God he answers (A)prayers and I am (G)strong (F#m) (Em) (D)

I (Bm)am strong, (A) I am strong (Bm) (A) (G)
Take (Em)my hand, (D) sing (Bm)my song, (A) I am strong (G) (F#m) (Em) (D)
I (Bm)am strong, (A) I am strong (Bm) (A) (G)
Take (Em)my hand, (D) sing my song, (A) I am strong (G) 
Oh, (F#m) I (Em)am (D)strong

(A)Take (Bm)my hand, (D) sing my song, (A) I am strong, (G)
(D) I am strong

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