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Last Train To Clarksville chords - The Grascals

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The Grascals Sheet music
                (Capo on 4)

Intro.:  | (G)  | (G7/F)  |  x  4

Take the (G)last train to (G7/F)Clarksville, and I'll (G)meet you at the (G7/F)station
You can (G)be there by four (G7/F)thirty, 'cause I (G)made your reser-(G7/F)vation
Don't be (C)slow, oh, no, no, no, oh, no, no, no!

'Cause I'm (G)leavin' in the (G7/F)mornin', and I (G)must see you a-(G7/F)gain
We'll have (G)one more night to-(G7/F)gether 'til the (G)mornin' brings my (G7/F)train
And I must (C)go, oh, no, no, no, oh, no, no, no!
And I don't (D7)know if I'm ever comin' home

Inst.:  | (G)  | (G7/F)  | (G)  | (G7/F)

Take the (G)last train to (G7/F)Clarksville, I'll be (G)waiting at the (G7/F)station
We'll have (G)time for coffee (G7/F)flavored kisses (G)and a bit of (G7/F)conversation
(C)Oh, oh no, no, no, oh, no, no, no!

Inst.:  | (G) | (G) | (G) | (G) | (G) | (G) | (G) | (G) |
        | (G) | (G7/F) | (G) | (G7/F) | (G) | (G7/F) | (G) | (G7/F) |
        | (C) | (C) | (C) | (C) | (C) | (C) |
        | (G) | (G7/F) | (G) | (G7/F) | (G) | (G7/F) | (G) | (G7/F) |
        | (C) | (C) | (C) | (C) | (C) | (C) |
        | (G) | (G7/F) | (G) | (G7/F) | (G) | (G7/F) | (G) | (G7/F) |
        | (C) | (C) | (C) | (C) | (C) | (C) |
        | (D) | (D) | (G) | (G7/F) | (G) | (G7/F)

Take the (G)last train to (G7/F)Clarksville, now I (G)must hang up the (G7/F)phone
I can't (G)hear you in this (G7/F)noisy , railroad (G)station all a-(G7/F)lone
I'm feelin' (C)low, oh, no, no, no, oh, no, no, no!
And I (D)don't know if I'm ever coming home

Inst.:  | (G)  | (G7/F)  | (G)  | (G7/F)

Take the (G)last train to (G7/F)Clarksville, take the (G)last train to (G7/F)Clarksville
----- Repeat and fade -----

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