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Clearest Indication chords - Great Big Sea

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                I've fixed this tab thanks to a tab by jamies. This now
sounds a heck of a lot better.
Add the INTRO thanks to takaman :-)

Great Big Sea - Clearest Indication
(Alan Doyle, Sean McCann)

Capo: 2nd Fret

INTRO:  (G)                   (Cadd9)   (D)  (x2)

(Em) You left(D) in the morn(C)ing
(Em) You (D)left without a word (C)
(Em) Did (D)you get what you (C)came for
(Em) Is (D)this what I de(C)serve
All I (G)know is the sil(Cadd9)ence
Was the (G)loudest thing I'd ever (D)heard 

Where do (G)we stand (D)
What am (Cadd9)I supposed to (D)do
Give me the (G)clearest indi(D)cation
I'm (Cadd9)not alone with (D)you
Reach out (G)your hand (D)
In a (Cadd9)world I thought I (D)knew
I need the (G)clearest indi(D)cation
The (Cadd9)clearest indi(D)cation from you


(Em) Did we (D)have all we want(C)ed
(Em) And let it (D)slip away in time (C)
(Em) Like a (D)country divid(C)ed
(Em) 51 (D) to 49 (C)
Years a(G)go, I sup(Cadd9)pose
We just (G)can't seem to make up our (D)minds 


In (C)times like these it's (D)hard to see
With (Em)any kind of (G)clarity
(C)What's the point of (D)wondering any(Em)more
So (C)much I just can't (D)figure out
I'd (Em)love to know with(G)out a doubt
For (C)sure, For (D)sure 



Great Big Sea ChordsGreat Big Sea Lyrics

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Great Big Sea
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