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Ferryland Sealer chords - Great Big Sea

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                Great Big Sea - Ferryland Sealer
(Traditional, Arranged By GBS)

INTRO:  (Em)   (G)

Our (Em)Schooner and our sloop in Ferry(D)land they do lie
She's (Em)already (G)rigged to be (D)bound for the ice
All you (Em)lads of the (G)southern we will (D)have you to (C)beware 
She's (Em)going to the (G)ice in the (D)spring of the year 


Laddie (Em)whack fall the (D)laddie, laddie (Em)whack (D)fall the (Em)day 

INTRO (x4)

Our (Em)course be east north-east for two (D)days and two nights 
Our (Em)captain he cried (G)out 'boys look a(D)head for the ice! 
We (Em)hove her a(G)bout standing (D)in for the (Cadd9)land 
twas (Em)in a few more (G)hours we were (D)firm in the jam 



Our captain he cried out "come on boys lend a hand" 
Our cook he makes the breakfast and each man takes a dram 
With there bats in their hands it was earlye for the go 
Every man showed his action 'thout the missin' of a blow 



Some were killin', some were scalpin, some were haulin' on board 
and some more they were firing and a-missin' of their loads 
in the dusk of the evening all hands in from the cold 
and we counted nine hundred fine scalps in the hold 

INSTRUMENTAL:  (Em)   (D)   (Em)   (D)
               (G)     (Cadd9)     (D)  (x2)

We're (G)now off Cape Spear and in (Cadd9)sight of Cape (D)Broyle 
We will (G)dance, sing, carouse me boys in (Cadd9)just a little (D)while 
We'll (G)soon enjoy the charms of our (Cadd9)sweathearts and our (D)friends 
But it (Em)will not be long b'fore we're (D)down in the bend 



Our (Em)Schooner and our sloop in Ferry(D)land they do lie 
They're (Em)already (G)rigged to be (D)bound for the ice 
All you (Em)lads of the (G)southern we will (D)have you to be(C)ware 
She's (Em)going to the (G)ice in the (D)spring of the year 

Laddie (Em)whack fall the (D)laddie, laddie (Em)whack (D)fall the (Em)day 
Fall the (D)laddie, laddie (Em)whack (D)fall the (Em)day
Fall the (D)laddie, laddie (Em)whack (D)fall the (Em)day 

Great Big Sea ChordsGreat Big Sea Lyrics

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Great Big Sea
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