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Rocks That You Can't Move chords - Lee Greenwood

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                Rocks That You Can't Move
Lee Greenwood

John Moses was a black man
       A                                E
Lived half a mile from my grandaddy's farm

He worked his twenty acres
        A                                 B7      
With a broke-down mule and muslces in his arms
For a can of RC Cola
      A                               B7    E
He'd stop and share the widsom of his soul
And I'd sit there on that white fence
    A                              E
And listen to the stories that he told

He'd seen the Great Depression
When a dollar was all a hard day's work would bring
He'd watched the crosses burning
In a time when freedom didn't ring
He'd seen w rold where minds were closed
And so many hearts were made of stone
But I never heard a bitter word
When I asked him 'bout the pain that he had known

He said life is full of fertile ground
       D                                  E
But it takes a little rain to make things grow
And when it comes to harvest time
D                                     E
We're all bound to reap just what we sow
So the best that I can tell you boy
                                   B7  E
Is always do the best that you can do
Move the rocks and plow your fields
     E  N/C
And plow between the rocks that you can't move

Now the year we burried Grandpa
Life had really knocked me to the ground
The woman I loved had left me
And the business I'd built up was shuttin down
I went to see John Moses
To talk about the trouble on my mind
But that old farmhouse was covered up
In kudzu and honeysuckle vines

I leaned against that rusty fence
    B7                                    E7
And let the past blow through me like the wind
And as the sun was sinkin low
   B7                              E7
I could've sworn I heard his voice again


Move the rocks and plow your fields
And plow between the rocks that you can't move


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