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Touch And Go Crazy chords - Lee Greenwood

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                Touch and Go Crazy
Lee Greenwood

Intro:  C    F   Am7   F    C   F   Am7    F

C          F            C                 F       C   F C F
We've been takin' turns starin' at each other all night
C            F             C           F            C  F C F
Our eyes are sayin' things, our bodies just can't deny
Dm7                  G
Now there's only one thing on my mind
Dm7                       G
It's gettin' you in these arms of mine
D                      A
And once we touch baby don't you know
   Bm    Em G         A
It won't be touch and go


It's gonna be touch and go crazy
G                            D
It's gonna be touch and go out of our minds
G            A                      F#m
They'll be no holdin' back in the heat of the night
     G                       C
When we finally touch, we're gonna ignite
   A                                D
Oh baby, it's gonna be touch and go crazy

C       F            C                  F        C     F C F
In this crowded room girl it's just too risky to dance
C               F            C                  F              F C F 
'Cause once I'm holding you,   this thing could get outta hand
Dm7                    G
There's no controllin' feelings this strong
Dm7                        G
We've gotta go where we're all alone
D                         A
'Cause once we touch baby we both know
   Bm    Em G         A
It won't be touch and go

Repeat Chorus

Interlude:  D   E   D   E   D   E

     Bm    Em G         A
O it won't be touch and go

Repeat Chorus 

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