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Big Star chords - Adam Gregory

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                D    G    D    G

Verse 1
  D                       G       D
I work at the Big Star on North 405,
       G                     A           D
I make 6 bucks an hour and I work steady nights.
        D                          G          D
Well it might not be much, but its all that I need,
        G                           A          D        G   D
In that little glass booth, in that highway to dreams.

Verse 2
  D                      G          D
I was not that good of a student in school,
          G                          A          D    
But this life taught me lessons that made me no fool.
      D                        G           D
Oh my mum and dad raised me by that golden rule,
     G                           A               D
In a world that gets ruthless, a world that gets cruel.


         D/F#                  G
Fill her up, let me check your oil sir.
          D/F#                     G
Cash your card and let me get your change.
          D/F#                        G
Just turn right and when you see that big church sign,
        G            A                 D     G
Just go straight and you'll be on your way.


Verse 3
  D                      G           D
I had me a girl once and my ring she wore,
        G                         A         D
But her father said she could not see me no more.
     D                         G            D
Oh I know it'd be different if I weren't so poor,
       G                             A         D
So I'm writing these songs trying to open some doors.


G  D   G   Asus A   (x2)   D  G  D

     D                     G           D
Well that's enough crying over used to be's,
       G                           A            D
Got to write these songs, get that girl back to me.
      D                         G             D
I'm a man with conviction, I've got things to do.
          G               D/F#             G                Asus 
When that sun starts risin',  oh when that sun starts risin',
         A          D
My night shifts are through.


        G            A                 D     G   
Just go straight and you'll be on your way.
  D                       G       D
I work at the Big Star on North 405.

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Gregory Adam
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