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No Vacancy chords - Adam Gregory

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F#   F#maj7   B   F#   F#maj7   B

Verse 1
F#maj7          Abm
Down in Dallas, lord, those girls are fine.
F#maj7            Abm
In Carolina, they make you lose your mind sometimes.
Bmaj7                     F#            F#maj7
But it don't matter, it's wasted on me.
Abm                     Dbsus                  F#
'Cause everywhere I go, you are the only one I see.


   F#maj7             B                         F#
So hang a sign on the wall, there's no vacancy.
F#maj7           B                         F#
No more rooms at all, this heart is taken, yeah.
F#maj7          B                      F#
No more vacancies, this heart is taken.
     F#maj7          B
This heart is taken,   no vacancy.


Verse 2
F#maj7                     Abm
Try round the corner, they might have something there.
F#maj7                    Abm
 Yeah this heart hotel is all booked up, nothing to spare.
Bmaj7                   F#            F#maj7
 Once it was empty, but not any more.
Abm                 Dbsus                        F#
Now 'Do not disturb' is right there on the front door.


     F#     B6        F#           B6        
Like Panama City on a spring break baby,
    F#         B6                  F#       B6
The whole darn town, there's not a place to stay.
    F#           B6     F#           B6
But honey you've always got the reservation,
F#    B6   Dbsus     Db     F#     
 Any time, every day, yeah yeah.


No no no,
No vacancy,
  No vacancy,
No no no.

No vacancy,
  No vacancy,
No no no.

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