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Ain't Done Nothin' Wrong chords - Andy Griggs

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                Capo 1

Dadd9 variation....xxOO3x
(The intro consists of playing mostly Dadd9 while slipping in that variation 
every third beat, check CD for timing. This sounds best if you only hit the 
three strings but it's not vital.

Verse 1:
Ain't no crime sittin at the bar
Sippin on a cold draft beer
Or makin small talk to a blue-eyed girl
When she asks what brought you here
You're just tryin to unwind
G           Dadd9
On a Friday night

Verse 2:
You see that ole big diamond ring
Shining on her left hand
And you don't bother to ask her why
She ain't with her man
You ain't done nothin wrong
But you ain't done nothin right

           C                    G
Cause the right thing to do is turn yourself around
And point those headlights home
           C                  G
Cause you know it's wrong to carry on
With a woman that ain't your own
       C                       G
Right now you're steppin on a razor thin line
That ain't quite black or white
You ain't done nothin wrong
     G                    Dadd9
But you ain't done nothin right

Verse 3:
Tosses back her hair and looks in your eyes
And says, I like your smile
And if danger were a winding road
Then son you just walked a mile
Then trouble appears
And he's got you in his sights

Verse 4:
He grabs temptation by the arm
And says, girl it's time to go
You can feel the heat from the fire in his eyes
Cause just like him you know
You ain't done nothin wrong
But you ain't done nothin right


Right now you're steppin on a razor thin line
That ain't quite black or white
You ain't done nothin wrong
But you ain't done nothin right

You ain't done nothin wrong
But you ain't done nothin right

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