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You Made Me That Way chords - Andy Griggs

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                Intro:  a series of D and Dsus chords, listen to track for timing

Verse 1:
      D           A          G        D
If I seem like a little too much to handle
                    A        G         A
If I laugh like an angel on judgement day
      D              A            G      D    G
If I burn like the sparks from a roman candle
    D        A            D
Oh baby you made me that way

Verse 2:
       D                A           G          D
If my heart starts to pound like a bass drum drummin
                       A       G       A
Like the beat when an old Sun record plays
          D       A              G        D    G
And if I turn my back when the train is coming
    D        A            D
Oh baby you made me that way

      A                                                G
Oh I used to play it safe never thinking what I might miss
     A                                                   Em
Who knew there'd come a day when I would come alive like this
With just one kiss

Verse 3:
       D         A     G       D
If I choose the edge over the middle
                  A          G       A
If I moan at the sound of a certain name
          D        A        G      D    G
And if I lean just this side of illegal
   D         A            D
Oh baby you made me that way


Well I'm proud to say
D        A            D
Baby you made me that way

A   =   x02220
D   =   xx0232
Dsus=   xx0233
Em  =   022000
G   =   320003

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